Friday, April 02, 2010

To Ja music, dance

I'm heading out tonight for another trip, this one week-long to the remote regions of the state. This trip will probably include Georgia, the western reaches of Alabama, and the central parts of Tennessee. It is, after all, two days before the end of Lent. So maybe I will fall silent.

Or maybe not. As with spring, I feel myself blooming into a new adventure, whatever it entails. I know I can find a way to live the life I want, to find myself in time, to finally build myself a home.


Anonymous said...

Check out Elijay, GA. It shares some of S/V Secret's allure.
Fair winds,
Dave Harrold
S/V Selah

P.S. Please consider joining facebook group:
"No LNG terminal in Mount Hope Bay".
Thank you !!/group.php?gid=55883122987&ref=nfNo LNG

Wed at 1:54pm ·

Melissa said...

Thanks so much, Dave! How's Selah?