Monday, August 13, 2007

Pittstown Point, Bahamas

0 nm
Wind: E-SE 10-15 knots

On the boat right now, I’d be hot, miserable, rolling around, harassed by flies. Instead, once again, I’m lounging at my million-dollar bungalow while Karl pounds away in the hot sun. Hmm. Is it any wonder I’ve abandoned my writing plans for the time being? Instead, I’ve figured that I can do some also essential sewing while ashore, and I can help with prep work for the rigging. I’m very good at opening the little plastic bags the turnbuckles come in. I can even bring water to the troops when they need it.

It’s cool, too, to feel like we’re participating in the community. I’ve been getting to know the other workmen, Don and Gary, both of whom are interesting characters. Gary’s a long-dreadlocked Rasta type who wears a medallion of King Salaisse around his neck. I felt bad for not understanding anything he said until I realized that very few Bahamians could either. Don’s older, and has traveled a lot and worked on boats. He has great stories to tell about the Dominican Republic and Haiti, both places I’d still like to get to.

We were actually supposed to go to Nappy’s church with him yesterday, but decided against it at the last minute. I’m still a little shy about the prospect of going to church here, though. I don’t want to go as a tourist, as I’ve seen so many people do in foreign countries. It’s a hard thing to do right. I should go. It’s probably help me figure out my article. I welcome any criticism on that, by the way, if I actually find the nerve to post it. I know it’s completely disjointed.

Nappy left for Nassau today. He’s going to visit his son and his wife, so he’s left us basically in charge of the house for the time being. He told Karl that we could live in it when they first made their arrangement, but we haven’t been brave enough for that yet. Still, for all intensive purposes, we are living here, in a million-dollar bungalow on the beach. It’s just too tempting. The ice is too tempting, the fans are too tempting. After dark, the screens are too tempting. I’m here with Karl as early as possible in the morning, and we leave long after dark. Meanwhile, poor little Secret languishes, rocking and rolling in the harbor. I still haven’t cleaned the toilet. Flush toilets are pretty darn tempting, too.

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