Sunday, July 10, 2011

Is it worth it

I’m sitting on a blanket in the grass right now, sitting in the sun, but edging the shade. Today is free music in the park in Presque Isle, and it’s the first time I’ve been. Listening to some Brooklyn band pour out their hearts into their harmonicas while old people and young people and people with down’s syndrome sway in the shade give sme hope for the future of humanity. It’s summer, and summer means music in the park, and life is beautiful.

Although I don’t know why these crazy Mainiacs, who have canopies on their folding chairs, insist on crowing into the two patches of shade that exist. Seriously. It’s cold eleven months of the year—they can’t sit in the sun for the one month of the year that it’s warm? It’s like they’re allergic. Or crazy.

At least it’s 85 degrees out, and we have at least thirty more days of heat. Activities are piling up—the Potato Blossom Festival all this week, a street dance next weekend, the Land Speed Record Race at Loring Air Force Base, and then the County Fair beginning in August. Then summer’s done. Then snow starts falling.

Just joking, but it does make me want to spend as much time as possible outside in full sun, every minute that it’s shining. It does make me appreciate these beautiful days of music and heat. Even the band, Spirit Family Reunion, is good, as Brooklyn neo-folk tends to be.

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