Friday, April 15, 2011

We know that day will come

Reading the Sojourners blog the other day, I came across this interview with Rob Bell. In it comes the quote: “I’ve never felt more loved than when I realized I was doing exactly what I was created to do.”

Today I drew a mind-map for one of my characters. I taped a 18”x12” sheet of drawing paper to the cantina, and took two colors of pens, and drew a picture of what I knew. I’m not sure that I came up with anything, but it’s something I’ve always wanted to do.

I woke up late this morning, because I was up playing motorcycle-racing games at the neighbor’s bus until one o’clock in the morning. Then a midnight snack of bean sprouts and rice (K’s first successful attempt to sprout mung beans!) and this morning I woke up to dirty laundry and a blank page. So I spent two hours mind-mapping.

I went for a walk, which I could do without snowshoes, because it was 32 degrees. If it’s under 35 degrees the snow is crunchy enough to walk on top of. I took photographs of the moon.

After coming home, I put cedar in the wood stove and burned my hand. My second serious burn in less than a week. A Vitamin E capsule broken open and rubbed into it works wonders. Then a dinner of chili in the crock pot, an episode of Fringe, some Buena Vista Social Club. It’s 11:47. I’m doing some child’s pose and going to bed.

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