Sunday, January 09, 2011

Rebecca Mountain to Chattanooga, Tennessee

Campfire and moon memories of the trail

When we walked out of the woods today, into the hallowed hiker heaven of a Mexican buffet (a rarity in the all-you-can-eat universe), I had that same sense of vertigo, of the world shifting around me immediately. Like in a science-fiction movie, when the green screen drops, and our hero realizes he’s been at home the whole time. After the trail, everything changes. The calories I was trying to pump my body full of just this morning now reek of nebulous evil.

Water comes from a tap, not from the earth. Human bodies smell like perfume, and not like themselves. I spend most of the day sitting (even this evening, in the car), instead of moving from place to place on my feet, with my belongings on my back. It’ll be an adjustment.

But the trail, for now, is done. Complete. A tied-off knot.

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