Wednesday, January 05, 2011

Cheaha State Park to Heaven Camp

Cheaha State Park placard

8.2 miles

I’m sitting cross-legged, in front of a birthday bonfire. Shadow is a curly dog next to me. K is cracking dead oak into logs for the fire. We built an oven to cook my birthday dinner, a packed-out frozen burrito from the campground store.

The burrito was absolutely delicious—crispy and brown on the outside, gooey and dumpling-like inside, with oozing cheese and bean sauce. It’s amazing how being outside makes gas-station food fantastic.

It’s always funny to me how much of a contrast there is between time in town and out here. This morning I woke up in a climate-controlled room, in clean sheets, with plumbing and running water and a television. The minute I stepped out into the woods, I’m alone, just me, with the food and clothing I carry on my back. The change is instantaneous.

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