Friday, May 07, 2010

La prophete

Hand-drawn map of crossing from Bimini to Nassau

So I redesigned the blog today. Does it look awful? I kind of think it looks awful. But that's mainly because I have an aggressive love-hate relationship with change.

Hmm. If you have any thoughts, or colors you'd prefer, or, heck, if you happen to be a web designer with some time on your hands, please let me know. I'm happy to be finally giving credit to all the blogs I read, and also letting all of you know what I do with my time that I'm supposed to be spending writing. Maybe eventually I'll add all of the fancy elements that all of my favorite blogs have.

Maybe I spent all of this time doing this because I found out yesterday that one of the pieces of land I was prepared to make an offer on has already sold. Merde. It's making me more sad than I thought it would. I always knew that this would happen, that as soon as I decided on a piece it would be gone, but still. It's one thing to believe it will happen, it's another to actually have it happen.

Now it's back to the drawing board. At least I can draw beautiful diagrams, as indicated above. I can also make cheesy sunset blog headers.


Anonymous said...

I like the change. I like to mix things up a bit occasionally even if it is something small. Variety is the spice of life they say. Is the sunset picture one that you took?


Melissa said...

Thanks, Audra. It still throws me off, but I suppose that's to be expected. The sunset picture is from the boat... After one of the worst storms we sailed in. And the same night I got horrible food poisoning and ended up vomiting all over the boat. Good times.

Sarah said...

I like it a lot! But that's really no surprise, and I'm not the best person to criticize, since I love cheesy sunset pictures. Regardless, I think change is great - change is always good, especially for blogs.

Melissa said...

Thanks, Sarah. I love your sunset picture, too, and it's not cheesy!

bob said...

Melissa, even though I don't get around to reading your blog much (or any other blogs), I really do enjoy your writing. But, since you asked, I have to be honest. The sunset image is a great picture, and having spent a lot of time sailing in New England I've taken plenty, but in this case it's way to cheesy for the banner image. The drawing, or some other drawing might work. Now I'm going to go read more. I got way too distracted by the purple and sunset.

Sonia said...

Sorry to hear about the land. I know something great is in store for you.

wfrenn said...

So sorry about you not getting the land you had hoped to bid on! I know you were disappointed. You must have gotten attached to it before you even got to the bidding.
That makes eminent sense. It is best to try to have at least two or three places you would like to make an offer on. That gives you options, which are always good.
In our purchases, we lost a few and were deflated for a few days, but found in retrospect that we were lucky our previous deals had fallen through: the one we chose (Lighthouse Point, most recently) is by far the best deal we could have made.
Wonder what the people are like in Georgia?

The Capt'n