Friday, March 19, 2010

Fed up with not being fed

Seeds and dirt

On the agenda today were bathroom cleaning and gardening. I’m finally digging my fingers in the dirt for the first time this year--it feels goods. Breaking up clay clods with my fingernails, playing with happy earthworms. Earthworms are amazing, and it makes me happy how many of them have populated my soil over the winter. I put in two rows of sugar snap peas, and one row of 2002 lettuce. Think anything will come up? I think not. I think it’s too early. But I totally over-thought my garden last year and I’m not over-thinking it this year. I’m just going to dump seeds into the ground and see what happens.

Also did yoga and watched Seinfeld. Good day.

Here’s a song for today. I have mixed feelings about Jack Johnson, mainly due to big-city-Chicago hipster prejudice, but this song may have won me over.

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