Thursday, February 25, 2010

I know

I'm thinking of making this picture my new masthead.

I was supposed to write about subversive hormones and Solomon and the wellspring of life and the Thai concept of jai today but I got distracted by women’s figure skating. So: take that, Solomon.

I’m taking a cue from my sister, who is blogging every day, if only one sentence. Her blog is here (, and I highly recommend it. After I read her beautiful posts about everyday life, I feel sheepish for getting all pie in the sky all the time. My best posts on the boat were about the toilet.

Well, I still have to clean the toilet here on land, indoor plumbing and all. It’s on the agenda for the weekend, as are multiple yoga classes, taking my yoga test, tutoring two students, and somehow managing to find time to diagram my main character’s “arc”. Watching those figure skaters, though--man. They’re something else. My moral of the story (or excuse for slacking off and sitting on the couch) is how much hard work it must take just to be in that company. How many hours and hours and hours they must spend on the ice.

It’s so much more fun watching the results of other people’s hard work than it is doing it yourself.

Which means: get to your desk, Melissa. I know that’s the answer. That’s always the answer. Argh. I hate it, though. Hence the inexorable pull of the couch.

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