Friday, March 27, 2009

How'd I end up here?


Fine Point
December 22, 2008

Why go to Sunday school, though surlily,
and not believe a bit of what was taught?
The desert shepherds in their scratchy robes
undoubtedly existed, and Israel's defeats--
the Temple in its sacredness destroyed
by Babylon and Rome. Yet Jews kept faith
and passed the prayers, the crabbed rites,
from table to table as Christians mocked.

We mocked, but took. The timbrel creed of praise
gives spirit to the daily; blood tinges lips.
The tongue reposes in papyrus pleas,
saying, Surely--magnificent, that "surely"--
goodness and mercy shall follow me all
the days of my life,
my life, forever.

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Lyn said...

Hello Melissa Jenks, from another MK, much older but still struggling with the same questions. Curious that you seem to be from western Michigan, where I currently live and sail out of Muskegon. Enjoyed stumbling upon your blog and wish you the very best on the next leg of your pilgrimage.