Thursday, November 15, 2007

Warrenville, Illinois

I've finally posted our Crooked Island pictures, so head over to my pictures site to check them out. Make special note of my pictures of Little Maddie, our friend Maddie's doppelganger whom she sent with us on the boat. We were supposed to take her around the world: unfortunately, we only got to the Bahamas. We're staying at the Levis tonight, watching old episodes of Lost until all hours.


Sarah said...

instead of writing a term paper that is due tomorrow, i caught up with your U.S. adventures. somehow i wish i could explain in words what i was feeling when reading your blogs, but i don't think i would be able to hit it on the head quite how i would want to. but they pulled on my heart strings and made me really appreciate life, in general. how awesome to have real people to put in my head when i picture the two of you in your beautiful world. loved the photos too! hope you make it back safely...would love to go with peter to visit you guys...maybe when you get to the DR. take care, Sarah

Melissa said...

I'm so glad I'm also able to finally put a face to a name... And I'm psyched that you discovered my zany posts. We would be SO excited if you and Peter came for a visit to the DR (or wherever we happen to be). We could have crazy cross-country adventures via publico--find some mountains to climb--or just camp on the beach. I'd love it.