Monday, September 03, 2007

Pittstown Point, Crooked Island, Bahamas

0 nm
Wind: E-SE 15 knots, with “extremely dangerous” Hurricane Felix “well south” of us

So I’ve finally pirated enough bandwidth to get the whole darn blog published. Enjoy. Pictures are next on the agenda, and if I don’t get pirated away in the next hour or so, I should be able to get some of them up.

I beg forgiveness from all of you for my occasional too vivid explication of our sanitary woes. My brother puts a "disgusting topic alert" before his forays into the topic of bodily functions--maybe I should do that. Then again, I’ve always believed that the website should be a true, unvarnished (literally, when it comes to some of our teak) look at life on the boat, and if I have to live through it then you do too.

Our new book, Karl’s choice, is another of my weatherbeaten paperback classics, Les Miserables. We’ll be here for a while longer, trying to figure out the details of postage for needed boat supplies. That means that our offer for a free crewed charter sailboat still stands, and may even include shiny new toilet facilities for your visit! For the record, only one person has taken us up on it. (And way to go, Wade!) We still need a haul here sometime soon, so we’re still investigating boatyards in the Bahamas, and we may still fit in a visit to the States.

All our love to our families and friends. We only wish our adventures didn’t take us so far away from the ones we love.

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You have mail, again.