Saturday, September 01, 2007

Pittstown Point, Crooked Island, Bahamas

0 nm

On the boat today, I made another stab at cleaning the floor and the head, and spent my requisite three hours doing the dishes, but I wasn’t brave enough for the bottom scraping yet. Karl spent the day ashore, as usual, with Nappy, who came back from Nassau this morning. He didn’t come back until after dark, causing me to grind my teeth with frustration at the same time that I was hoping he’d bring us home chicken snacks from Blackjack’s. No such luck.

Last night he ended up convincing me to row ashore to see if we could get Friday night chicken from Don and his wife, completely forgetting that they’re already in Florida for their vacation and weren’t cooking. We didn’t remember, though, until we were all the way past the dome house, so we went to town anyway. We ended up getting some cold drinks and then an unexpected ride from Henry, one of the crew off Sea Hunter that we met at Samana Cay. Sea Hunter’s already heading back to the States, and the crew is done for the season. I can’t believe it’s so late, but I guess it is September.

Henry and his gang fed us, their unexpected guests, carrots, steak, and rice, in an amazing display of Bahamian generosity. Then we all took a trip out to the Hideout, where everyone was rakin’ and scrapin’ in true Friday-night fashion, and where I had to fend off dance requests by the dozens, something I should be used to by now but I’m still not. I forebore, and Karl got frustrated, and we left early. Henry tried to convinced us to come to church with him this morning, but we haven’t even gone to church with Nappy yet and I’ve never gone to Seventh-Day Adventist Church. Going to church on Saturday still seems weird, but maybe I'm just being prejudiced.

So no church again today. Maybe tomorrow with Nappy. I’m sleepy tonight, unused to the rocking and rolling and the heat of the boat after a week spent on land. Karl and I finished the Chronicles of Narnia two nights ago, the book we’ve been reading together since Big Galliot Cay, so tonight we get to start a new one of his choice. The suspense is killing me. I’m going to go ashore and try to use the internet tomorrow, if Nappy allows.

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