Thursday, June 21, 2007

Georgetown, Exumas, Bahamas

0 nm
Wind: SE 10-15 knots

I'm back in the Peace and Plenty, and I can't believe it's been two weeks since I used the internet. After all my grand planning. Still, I'm feeling a lot better today than yesterday--we've gotten a ton accomplished: a partial refund (for the overcharge) on our groceries, a phone call to my parents, postcards mailed, papers printed, and an extension on our tourist visa. More than we've accomplished on any single day up until this point.

Some things don't look likely to be accomplished, though--they're out of the guidebook we need, the bank won't cash my tax refund check, and we haven't found a fax machine yet. Still, we might be able to achieve the Friday goal. I am envious of the tourists (I call them resort-ies) that I can hear out at the pool, the ones who have twenty grand to spend on vacation and can actually do nothing here without guilt. I saw all them eyeing me with their snack purchases while I bought my three carts full of groceries.

Walking down the street today Karl and I saw two Bahamians with a bunch of chicken on a big cut-in-half-barrel grill, with tupperware containers full of Bahamian sides and salad and I wanted to buy a plate, but we're getting to the stage where we now that's a bad idea. That's the problem with buying 200 pounds of produce--you have to eat in.

I am happy that the one thing giving the tourists a good view is the quaint, picturesque sailboat with green sail covers anchored off the resort, though. We even met a honeymooning couple the other day who had noticed our sailboat and said to each other, "Why can't that be us?" That is us. My brother sent me an email the other day that said, "Don't forget, you're living a dream." I do forget, all too often. It's nice to be reminded.

Well, I'll go and try to get some pictures, that I've been promising for so long posted. Check them out--I'll be lucky if I can get two up. But they'll be good ones. They'll be worth it.


Melissa said...

I've posted a bunch of pictures!! They're on, or there's a link to them on the right-hand side of the page, under "links." I think I've finally figured Flickr out. Good stuff.

Dave, the R33 owner from January, if you're out there--I posted a bunch of pictures of our rigging, just for you. But you may have given up on us. If not, write me back! Or, any other R33 owners who have rigging tips, be my guest!


Anonymous said...

about fax machine, when I was last there the Peace and Plenty allowed me to use their fax for free.

Anonymous said...

I hope you've spoken to your parents, or they'll be worrying again by now! I'm looking forward to catching up on your story when you get a chance to post again.

Love you,

dkuchen said...

Melissa and Karl

Well needless to say you must have hit a bump in the road. We are sure wondering what that might be. Pirates, Bermuda Triangle, Hidden reefs, dismasted in a sudden storm. The possibilities are endless. Hope you are ok just lets us know what is up eh.

R 33 Dave from the west coast.

Melissa said...

I know this is long ago and you might never check this comment--but I'm assuming you're the same Dave from before our computer disaster who had rigging advice? I wondered if you had checked out any of the pictures of our rig that I had posted on Flickr, and had any more thoughts. Reefing is still a major concern for us... If you get this, you can zap me a direct email through my Blogger account, if you wish.