Monday, April 23, 2007

Crandon Park Marina, FL

0 nm
Wind: E 10-15 knots, building to 15-20

We made a second trip to Key Biscayne today, for even more canned goods. Instead of waiting for a taxi for three hours with Lise, we took the bus with a gigantic trail backpack full of cans. It was one of those homeless people moments, as we waited for the bus, stinky and unshaven, with our huge stinky backpack and piles of groceries. All of the Latina nannies waiting for their bus ride back to Miami shied away from us.

On the plus side, we saw both a Ferrari and a vivid orange Lamborghini, proving to Karl that this town really is as luxe as I promised. We counted the Mercedes today. It seems the BMWs come out on the weekends. Karl saw a very lovely looking seventy-year-old lady and commented on her. I said, “Surgery will do wonders!” He cavilled, saying, “She could just be a very nice looking older lady...” I rolled my eyes. Men just don’t understand.

We foreswore dinner with the Canadians, as we have fresh vegetables, bread, and ground beef moldering back at the boat, and I made a delectable salad to accompany the burgers Karl cooked up for us. It is a lot cheaper when you make your burgers yourself, instead of frequenting the dining establishments of the community. Especially this community. Although I picked up one of those free restaurant guides just to see what they have. There were a couple of Thai places that also serve sushi--if we really go to the Bahamas, I wonder how long it will be before I have Thai food again? It’s things like that about leaving the States that you think might get to you. Really good pizza, for instance. Or Chinese food.

But we might be able to come by sushi, if we’re lucky and smart. We bought the last piece of gear we need to rig our Cuban handline system, which I’m building piece by piece, to the letter, from a Cruising World article. We’re supposed to be able to catch tuna with it, in theory, which we can use to make our own sushi. That will be a day to remember. I wonder if I’ll regret not buying the elaborate Penn rod and reel setup that Karl wanted to buy in St. Lucie. He always wants to spend money on gear and I’m always the cheapskate naysayer who regrets it later. Then again, I’m the one who keeps track of the budget.

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