Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Town Creek to Inlet Creek, SC

27.0 nm
Wind: N 10-15 knots
Maximum speed: 5.8 knots
Average speed: 4.8 knots
Latitude: 32°47.28’N
Longitude: 079°49.59’W

We’re eating seafood tonight, at long last. Karl got us some blue crabs, three of them, in a creek next to Charleston. I’m not sure if they’re all right to eat or not, and I don’t really care. They’re getting thrown on the barby. We got free last night, of course, and shifted anchoring position to one just off the channel. This morning at low tide we were at six feet, and we were just fine. All my agonizing, as usual, was for naught.

The crabs are making me a little sad, as delicious as I know they will be. Two of them are holding claws with each other, as if comforting each other in the face of their impending demise. It’s very cute, and I’m reminded of that Friends episode where Phoebe insists lobsters mate for life. I hope crabs don’t. At least they’ll go down in flames together.

Catching and killing your own food does bring with it a host of moral dilemmas. More people should do it. What if crabs have consciousness? Is it really kind to steam them alive? And what am I doing eating a giant sea cockroach anyway?

But we’re eating them, if only because first dinner was so unsuccessful. I made pasta, to rescue it from the weevils, and used all seawater to boil it. We’ve been in mainly fresh or brackish creeks lately, and I’ve been using almost all seawater for cooking. I always use seawater for dishes (I can’t praise Joy dish detergent enough), but I know I’m not supposed to use all saltwater for cooking. Anyway, the noodles were so salty as to be inedible. I may even throw them away, instead of trying to turn them into a soup or something else edible. Horrors. I guess it’s proof we’re close to the real ocean now.

We’re planning to go offshore tomorrow, if the weather holds. We’re right outside of Charleston, right on the other side of the huge channel leading outside. If we’re lucky, maybe we’ll even get to Georgia.

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