Saturday, January 20, 2007

Fernandina Beach, FL

0 nm
Wind: N 10-15 knots

Still in Fernandina. We’ve been waylaid by professional football. The New England Patriots, Karl’s team, are in the running for the Super Bowl, and it seems as good of an excuse as any for sticking around today, getting showers, doing laundry, all that jazz. Even though St. Augustine’s just around the corner.

There’s also a little dollar store a couple of blocks away with very cheap canned goods.
We’re talking seriously about restocking the boat with a lot of the cans we might not be able to get until the Dominican Republic. If we really want the Bahamas to be cheap, we need to be able to live off fish, staples, and whatever we have on the boat.

It’s not really that hard. Our array of exotic can-based cuisine has been expanding vastly. For instance, sardines make a delicious substitute for tuna in a tuna-noodle casserole. Chili from a can with an extra can each of corn, tomatoes, and black beans rivals cook-off variety. Canned chicken makes delectable burritos. I was excited to find canned beef and gravy at the dollar store!

The hardest thing is the fresh vegetables. Canned vegetables are not sufficient. I fell myself pining for anything fresh occasionally. We’re doing basically without even ice these days, living as if out in the middle of the ocean this close to land. I’m not sure why we do it when having a little ice makes our lives so much more enjoyable. The budget I suppose. And practice.

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