Saturday, April 07, 2007

Port St. Lucie, FL

0 nm

I can’t believe tomorrow’s Easter already. The days have flown by, and it’s another holiday weekend without much special to mark it on the boat. I should have bought a ham or something.

So, the good news: we found out Apple would fix the computer for free, since it’s a hardware defect, we sent it to them on Thursday, and it’s already fixed! If they got it in the mail yesterday, it might already be at Paul’s house. Maybe our luck is changing for the better.

I remain perplexed about whether or not to recommend Apple products. On the one hand, our last iBook was bulletproof. It flew across the cabin in violent seas on more than one occasion, Karl cracked open its case and soldered it back together, and we still had nary a problem with it until it was stolen. On the other hand, we buy two identical laptops on eBay with the exact same defect. Now, Apple repairs it, for free, with fantastic customer service and 24-hour turnaround. Maybe our problem was less buying Apple and more buying computers with a known hardware defect on eBay. If this one arrives in working condition (I’m keeping my fingers crossed) we’ll have a functioning system as well as a full backup system. So we could still get out of this thing.

Our next decision is where to head next. We’re torn between the original plan of the crystal-blue waters of the Bahamas or the bayous and Cajun country of the Gulf Coast. Remaining in the US gives us more (legal) income-generating possibilities, but also less sailing. Then there’s the hurricanes. That’s all I read about these days. According to my reading, we need to keep heading south and east as much as possible, but we really don’t need to worry until August. Maybe we can be to Trinidad by August. Or at least to Martinique.

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