Monday, March 19, 2007

Deland, FL

I'm kind of sick of saying, yup, still in Deland. Make that extremely sick. But it's the truth. I'm beginning to feel that we've been sucked into someone else's life and don't know how to get out. It's a little depressing. Karl's even been offered a job here--he could've started working today--and Paula, Danny's mom, found us a free spot to stay at the marina where she works. That would mean backtracking up to Jacksonville and then coming down the St. John's River, about 230 miles, which would take us about a week. Still, it's a very tempting prospect.

But not that tempting. I'm still more tempted by the crystal blue waters of the Caribbean. I almost typed Mediterranean, and I'm tempted by those too, and Australia, and New Zealand, and Thailand and all those other far away places that we'll never get to because we're simply too goshdarned lazy. Or that's how it feels right now.

I'm beginning to wonder if all of our obstacles and stumbling blocks are due to a severe lack of motivation. We can be motivated enough to pound away at a boat for a year, and motivated enough to cut the docklines (allegedly the hardest part) but give us the taste of a four-burner range, Tivo, and occasional hot showers, and I'm all done in.

As things stand now, we're trying to buy another computer online and have it shipped down the coast. But even that ordeal might take us several days, or up to another week. We've been here for another week already, when we planned to be here for a night. I've given up hope on us leaving quickly. It turns out that the one we bought online was dropped. It must've been severely, because it wrecked not only the logicboard but also the hard drive, which was half the value of the computer. Fairly ridiculous.

Still, I'm willing to trust eBay again. I guess. We really could have gotten our money back, if we hadn't thought the computer was somewhat salvageable. But I better go. Karl's hovering over my shoulder, with love, and I'm at the computer store pirating internet yet again. Thanks for all the encouraging comments. They really, really do help.


Erica Marie Jenks Henry said...
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Erica Marie Jenks Henry said...

I edited my last comment:

No, no, no! You can't give up on the journey. Think of poor Penelope waiting at the end. Jordan wants you to listen to this My Morning Jacket song called, "Oh ... Run!"

Teflon said...

I thru hiked the PCT SoBo all the way in 05 and was inspired enough by your blog to spend January in San Carlos Mexico on the Sea of Cortez where I became a crew member on a 37 foot Pacific Seacraft that we sailed to La Paz. A few months earlier I completely changed careers and went back to college. So, I ask you now. Are you truely making the most out of every opporunity? Resently, you've been sounding a bit down.

pwink said...

Melissa, my brother lives in Daytona and may be of some assistance. Just where are you? Are you in the Municipal Marina by West Marine?


Anonymous said...

Hey girl! The journey is also the stops and sidetracks... You're not off track, just taking a longer path to work out, perhaps, exactly what it is you want. If those distant blue seas call loudly enough, I don't think you'll be able to say no. And if they don't, bathwater is lovely this time of year;) Courage, mon amie. God journeys with you. much love, amb

Anonymous said...

Hey, hang in there! If you have a dream, it won't be easy to get there. I know from personal experience (and I'm not there yet!). What choice is there, after all, but to keep on going? Love ya! ---Robin

Anonymous said...

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