Saturday, January 06, 2007

Little River to Waccamaw River, SC

29.1 nm
Wind: S 15-20 knots
Maximum speed: 5.2 knots
Average speed: 3.6 knots
Latitude: 33°40.40’N
Longitude: 079°03.91’W

We’ve just anchored at a lovely anchorage, another National Wildlife Refuge. All day today we came through Myrtle Beach, a horror of Spanish-style McMansions, waterfront condos, and golf-course retirement communities built right up to the edge of the ICW, piled up on top of what used to be wetlands. So it was a huge relief to come out of it, right at dusk, into some kind of mangrove grove covered in Spanish moss. We pulled into the anchorage recommended by Skipper Bob as the light was failing, and were a little surprised to find ourselves in a meandering river, with little rivulets running through the water-logged trees, trees and moss all gray in the dim light. We could be hundreds of miles from the nearest civilization if it wasn’t for the channel marker around the corner.

It’s a little bit spooky, actually, and I think much more promising for the gators. Although Karl may have worn out his fervor for the gator hunt.

There’s not much to say about the day. I cleaned the floor, again, which got dirty right away, we motored down the little canal and had bridges open for us and tried to avoid the shoaling. That’s basically what the ICW is.

It’s pretty cool, though, the contrasts in our life. Two days ago we were on the high seas, surrounded by dolphins (who didn’t make an appearance today, and no wonder—I’d stay as far from Myrtle Beach as I could, too, if I were them) and today we’re anchored in complete calm and silence in the middle of a Southern swamp. Karl’s making dinner from the ship’s stores, since our fresh food and ice is long gone. It’s a good little life we have.


Anonymous said...

Hey there guys.
Happy b-lated b-day Melissa, that is so awesome about the dolphins. I also just wanted to let you know how much we were upset with ourselves for missing both of your calls. I really had hoped to speak with you around christmas time and or new years but I missed you! Well I can definatly get a feel for all that you are experiencing out in the wild blue yonder. Actually you're making me feel like I'm living a completely un-eventful life. I wish upon wish that we could trade shoes for awhile and I could get to experience a little of what LIVING is really like. Don't get me wrong having a family and a house and all that is FANTASTIC but to sail with dolphins or to sail period. You know I haven't even been on a sail boat in my life. But I just wanted to let you know also Melissa that I think that what your doing is something that only people dream about and if anyone is giving you a hard time about your choices it's probably because they are jealouse that they can't live the way you are. I want to have a romantic, fishy smelling, mud fight on a beach on my birthday, or eat freshly caught fish(even if it's catfish) or do all the wonderful things that you'll be able to hold deep in your heart and deep in your memories for the rest of your lives. Don't be discouraged by others live your life for yourself.
well take care guys. Give us a hollar sometime. I can't guarentee you'll be answered, but I will try my damnest.
P.S. Just wanted to thank-you for keeping such precise postings and up to date ones too, that way I don't have to wonder how you are or where you are. Also wanted to let you know that Caribou recieved 4.5 inches of snow on Jan.8th so soak in all the sun for me! :)

Melissa said...

Aw, thanks so much for such a great and heartfelt message, Leah--I really appreciate that you're reading and that you think that what we're doing matters. Having a house and a family is an adventure too, I think. We'll try to call you sometime and hopefully get through. All our love to the kids!