Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Cumberland Island, GA

0 nm
Wind: NE 25-30 knots, gusting to 35

Another day spent bashed by waves and wind. Today I feel like it’s all my fault. These decisions that we make together, as a couple, are so difficult. What happens if we just disagree completely? Who gets to decide?

But I wanted to come here and here we came, despite Skipper Bob’s wind-against-tidal-current warning, despite the “2” wind ranking, despite the gale forecast. Why didn’t I convince Karl to stay at Jekyll Island? Or voice my opinion more loudly that we stay at the last, more protected anchorage? Or let myself be talked into passing this place by?

It’s not that it’s really that bad. We’re bashed a little by current when the tide changes, and we’re completely open to northwest winds, but the wind’s out of the northeast mostly today. I just feel totally responsible.

We had a little bit of a scare this afternoon. Karl thought the anchor was dragging when the wind was pulling one direction and the tide another. We started the engine, jumped around on deck, and tried to pull up the chain only to realize the anchor wasn’t dragging after all. These crazy tidal currents really confuse you. I can tell I’m attuning to life on the boat when I wake up whenever the tide changes. I can actually feel it.

That’s one of those things everyone said would happen but I didn’t believe. My body, or my consciousness, is slower than most.

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